Take Heart

In 1968, Nelli Hart believed she was living a near perfect life. She was happily married to Nicholas, the love of her life. Her days were filled with the treasures of raising three precious daughters—Kalli, Nichola, and Jilli. And she was blessed to be making her family’s home in the grand house that had once been the jewel of her family’s Southern plantation.

Less than a year later, Nelli’s near perfect life was shattered beyond recognition when her one true love was killed fighting for his country in the jungles of Vietnam. Without Nicholas, Nelli no longer wanted to live. It took the strength of her grandmother and a deep faith in God to raise her up from her deep despair.

Knowing she needed a way to support her daughters, Nelli turned her family’s plantation home into a bed and breakfast­–The Hart & Soul Inn.  Through her hard work and prayers, Kalli, Nichola, and Jilli grew into successful, confident women with families of their own.

Five decades after her beloved was killed, Nelli unexpectedly receives a shocking phone call from a stranger that could wreck her life and the lives of daughters forever.

What did this stranger want of her? Had the Army lied to cover up what happened to Nicholas in Vietnam? Why had this stranger waited fifty years?

Take Heart is the first book in the inspiring Christian fiction series Hart & Soul. Follow Nelli and her daughters as they learn the devastating truth one man finally had the courage to reveal.

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