Book Mimics Life

I enjoyed every minute of writing the Kerry Book Series. It was a bittersweet moment when I wrote the very last sentence in the final book Joy. I have to admit that I was proud of myself for writing four novels, but at the same time I felt like I was moving away from four of my best friends. Layne, Nona, Dixie, Betty Jo, and I had been through so much throughout those four books. They were so much a part of my life. In fact, they often mimicked my life.

I’m can’t tell you how much of their own lives other authors put into their books, but, as for me, I put a great deal of me and my own life experiences into those books. Each book held bits and pieces of my life which I hope made my characters come alive for my readers. It wasn’t something I intentionally started out to do. It was just something that happened as I wrote. Each one of those women carries a part of me in their story. Which brings me to a big problem I am having as I begin to write my next series.

I decided my next series would be about three sisters. I have always enjoyed reading books about sisters. As one of three sisters, the drama and challenges of sisterhood have always intrigued me. I’m lucky to have both of my sisters as my friends. However, all three of us are strong-willed, determined women which makes our lives together as sisters interesting. We’ve had our own share of dramas and challenges. There have been times when the actions of one or more has the result of not talking to one another for days or even weeks. Eventually, we find forgiveness and come back together in peace.

For a book to be interesting to the reader, there must be conflict or many conflicts along with problems the characters must work through. Without these elements, the book would be bland and boring. Which brings me back to my problem of writing a book about sisters. After I finish with my writing for the day, I read what I have written. In my writing, I have the sisters face problems and dilemmas that is tearing them apart. On most days what I discover to my dismay is that I have written about the lives of my own sisters. I know they would recognize themselves in those words, and, most likely, they would not be happy I have shared their conflicts and challenges with others.

I’m not sure what the solution to this problem will be, but I will keep looking for one. It may be I write a book series about three brothers! Stay tuned!

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