Dream Come True

I have written and published three books.

It’s hard for me to grasp that the statement above in red is in fact true.  It’s an accomplishment in which I take great pride. Writing a book had been my dream since I was a child of ten. Through my hard work and dedication, I made one of my dreams come true.

Since I wrote my first book, many people have made the following statement to me: I wish I could write a book.

I believe these people have confused dreams and wishes with one another.

To me, wishes are requests or command given to a person or sent out to the universe.

Example of a wish given to a child: I wish you would make your bed without me reminding you.

Example of a wish sent out to the universe: I wish I would win the lottery.

You can make wishes all day and all night, but they won’t come true on their own. There has to be some action to go along with the wish. That’s where the dream comes into the picture. When you make it your dream, you begin to put an action with the wish.

Taking the examples of the wishes above, this is what can happen when you make them your dream.

To the child: Let me show you how to make your bed so that you can make it every morning after you get up.

To the universe: I’m going to buy a lottery ticket so I can win the lottery.

If you wish you could write a book,  make it your dream, then start writing!

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