Finding Peace…Again

I have  finished writing Peace; Book Three in the Kerry Series! It should be ready for sale by the end of May if I can light a fire under the person who is formatting my book! 🙂 Once it is formatted, I can then put it up for sale. However, I can’t relax until all of this is completed! I keep feeling like something is going to go wrong with the whole process. In other words, I guess you would say that I am not at peace with the process right now.

I do try to accept God’s peace in my life, but lately I haven’t been as successful as I’d hoped. This year, I have directed our church’s children’s choir with the help of my daughter-in-law and a good friend. I took on this responsibility out of love for my granddaughter. I want her to have the experience of performing. That is why I agreed to direct the Children’s Choir Spring Musical. This is where God’s peace began to elude me.

Let me explain. The children in our choir range from four years old to eleven years old. If you have never worked with children, I can assure you that it is not easy to work with this wide range of ages. What will entertain a four year old will be boring to an eleven year old. Therefore, you have to find appropriate music that will engage all in that age range.

My solution was to go with fast-pace Christian music with movement and motion. It worked! The kids were dancing and singing and having fun doing it. I should have been satisfied with just the singing and dancing, but I decided to bring the whole thing together with a musical play with parts assigned to actors.  Big mistake on my part!

Since we only meet once a week, it has been difficult to find time to practice the acting part of the musical. They’ve got the singing and dancing down for the most part, but the actors in the play have not gotten their parts down as well as I had hoped. Since they are young and cute, the audience will forgive them for making a few mistakes here and there. It’s when I brought them all together– the actors along with the singers and dancers– on the stage that I began to feel God’s peace leave me.

I’m going to use Dixie as my example to bring back God’s peace back in my life. She used the following scripture to find God’s peace in her life.

 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27(NIV)

Just reading through this scripture one time, I begin His peace returning.  Now, taking a deep breath, I’m no longer troubled by what could go wrong with the Children’s Choir performance.



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