Finding Peace

I have working on my third book, Peace,  for a couple of months, but I am not finding much peace each day when I start my writing this book. If the past few weeks are any indication of what I should name this book, it would be named Doubt! 

Webster defines DOUBT  when used as a noun as a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction. When used as a verb, it is defined as fear; be afraid of.

YEP! My mind is using both definitions as I sit down to write each day. I give myself little pep talks to boost my confidence and keep that doubt at bay before I type the first word.  I tell myself things like:

Remember when you weren’t sure you could even write one book and look what you’ve done. You’ve written and published TWO BOOKS!  You’ve got this, Carol!


Two books! I bet that’s all you’ve got in you, Carol. You’re pushing it thinking you can write three books and don’t even think about writing that fourth book you have planned!


You’ve had complete strangers who don’t even know and love you say that they enjoyed reading your books and can’t wait for the next one! Just think, your writing has provided them hours of entertainment.


They’re probably going to be disappointed in your next book. It can’t be as good as the first two.

I could keep going back and forth with this, but then something else happens that gets me through those doubts and leads me to continue with writing this third book.  I bow my head and say a prayer. It’s usually a short prayer, but each and every time I ask God to bless my writing.  I ask Him for peace from those doubts that clog my mind and keep me from showing through my writing how God’s love and constant presence can carry all of us through life’s toughest challenges. Then I put my fingers on the keys of my laptop and begin that next chapter with renewed faith.

Thanks be to God for His many blessings….even for a late-in- life author!

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