The Blessing of Friendships

Years and years ago when I began to have the longing to write a novel, I knew from the start  that the theme of my novel would be the power and blessings of the friendships of girls/women. I knew that it would be about women friends depending upon women friends to make it through the trials and rejoice in the good times in life.

I have been blessed with girlfriends throughout my whole life. My girl friendships began when I was an infant. In elementary school and high school, those girl friendships continued and expanded. Those girlfriends helped me grow from a child into a young woman. I still count them all as my girlfriends over sixty years later. However, it was in college when I began to understand what a life support girlfriends were.

When I left the comforts and familiarity of hearth and home to attend college, I learned how my girlfriends could became my family. It was those college girlfriends who made me laugh so hard that I couldn’t get my breath. It was those college girlfriends who put me back together when the boy who I would eventually marry broke my heart. Those girlfriends were there through thick and thin, the ins and outs, the highs and lows. What a true blessing those girlfriends were and continue to be in my life!

It was after I left college and went far away from family and the girlfriends that I’d depended on that I developed the women friendships that would carry me through the rest of my life. It was the women who became my friends as an adult who have helped me along my life’s journey to be a better wife, a better Christian, a better mother, a better teacher, a better writer, a better person, and a better friend.

When I finally did sit down to write that novel I’d dreamed of, I brought along all of my girlfriends that I have had throughout my life and made them into four special friends known as the Fearsome Foursome. It is through the power of all of my girlfriends that I have been able to write the Kerry Series. God has truly blessed me with awesome girlfriends throughout my sixty-six years of life! Thank God for girlfriends!

I hope God has blessed your life with awesome girlfriends!

God Bless My Friends Old and New!


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