Dreams Do Come True

When I clicked on the “Publish” button for my first book Forgiveness to be published on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, it was a dream come true that began when I was ten years old.

I was in fifth grade when I realized that I loved to write. My teacher, Mrs. DeBusk, asked us to bring an inanimate object to life through our writing. I can remember looking around the room thinking of how the different lifeless objects would react if they were brought to life. I am not sure what everyone else in the class wrote about, but I finally decided what object I would bring to life: Dr. Davis’s false teeth.

Dr. Davis was the only doctor in our small town of New Market, Indiana. He had a tiny office just off of Main Street close to the fire department. It had only one examining room, but most examinations took place in the reception area.

I am not sure to this day if Dr. Davis actually had false teeth or not, but in my story he lost his teeth when he was young in a bicycle accident. The story I wrote ended up being six pages long. I’m not sure how many pages were assigned, but once I started writing I could not stop until I felt the whole story had been told.

Mrs. DeBusk was not a teacher who would ever had out compliments to make her students feel good about mediocre work. She had high expectations and none of us wanted to disappoint. I was stunned when I was handed back my paper with an  A and Great Story! written across the top. That was the best grade I had ever earned for a writing assignment. I took the paper home to show my parents. My father read it and declared to my five siblings that I should be a writer. My dream was born right there on the spot.

Now, fast forward to the present. It took me over fifty years to realize my dream, but I did it. I wish that Mrs. DeBusk and my father were still here to share in this extraordinary  experience with me. I like to believe they are watching me from above along with Dr. Davis and his false teeth!


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