About the Author

Carol has always been a devoted reader of Women’s Fiction. However, as she grew older and wiser, she noticed the characters in her books were not aging along with her. It appeared as if most of the main characters the authors were creating were never older than forty. If there was, by chance, the mention of a character in the ripe old age of fifty or more, they were either there to support or hinder the younger main character.

When Carol retired after thirty years of teaching, she decided it was time to follow her life-long dream of writing a novel. Drawing on her disappointing reading experiences of forty-year-old main characters, she was determined to write a Women’s Fiction book series about women who had aged past forty. Her idea grew into the Kerry Book Series, her first book series.

Carol’s Kerry Book Series features four retired, vibrant, Southern women–Layne, Nona, Dixie, Betty Jo– who have been friends for more years than they can remember. Their friendship, along with their faith in God, gives them the strength and courage they need to make it through life’s trials.

 Carol released her first book in the series, Forgiveness (Layne), in December 2016. The second book, Hope (Nona), followed in August 2017. Peace (Dixie), Carol’s third book was published in June 2018. Carol finished the series with the publication of Joy (Betty Jo) in May 2019.

Carol has started a new series she’d named Hart & Soul. The first book in that series, Take Heart, will be released in early spring 2021. Carol’s books are available for purchase through Amazon online as an eBook or paperback.